Tips to apply foundation with the right

Foundation is one makeup product that serves to disguise or covering part of the face is less than perfect. However, do you know that choosing foundation by matching the skin color of the hand is a big mistake that is often done by women.
When choosing the right foundation color, try a color that matches your face jaw area. Foundation color matching will be immediately visible or not by the color of your skin.

Here are some surefire tips to apply foundation with the right:
1. Choose a foundation that suits your skin tone
The most important thing to do when buying a foundation is to match the color of your skin. Choose a color that is closest to your skin tone. Since this is the basis for determining the color tone for the rest of your makeup.

2. Apply foundation evenly on your face
Apply foundation evenly on your face. Foundation will coat the surface of the face of uneven color and the stained area. Foundation can also make the face look more evenly and smoothly.

3. Process of Applying foundation
When you use your fingers to apply foundation. Foundation will interact with the natural body temperature that exist on your fingers and attached perfectly to the surface of the face.
You can also use a sponge or brush if you do not want your fingers dirty. A special brush foundation, also can provide uneven effect on the surface of the face.

4. Blend with a maximum
Make sure your face is clean and dry with no residual water before beginning to apply foundation. Blend foundation with circular movements slowly outwards. Mechanical blending this one can spread the foundation to the maximum.

5. Corrective makeup
Before you apply concealer, cover the face of problematic areas such as dark patches or scars with foundation. Although concealer can cover these things, with their previous foundation layer, the stains will be covered better. Do not forget, in order to maximize the display face bright with blush and bronzer as a sweetener.